Monday, September 11, 2017

My first week as a resident artist!

Hello everyone!

      I arrived Sunday afternoon, one week ago, and it's already been a whirlwind of adventure. I had to adjust my body clock asap as I was scheduled to start my 7 hour photography class the very next day at the Nordic Art School. It was 2am New York time, but 9am Finland time. I went to bed early, getting 11 hours of sleep, and thankfully powered through it on pure adrenaline.

Our first project was making a pinhole camera, a simple box with a tiny pin sized hole in it. No technology necessary! I hoped this would be a captivating project, as I know many people forget you don't need digital technology to create a photograph. We then spent the rest of the week in a professional darkroom, making negatives and positives from a variety of boxes.

The small wooden house I'm staying in is very charming. It's located in the backyard of a old house museum. It's very quiet and easy to focus on art making. There is a black and white cat that walks around, but I've had no luck in convincing it to be my friend. Sometimes tour groups wander in, and I stare at them. They stare back, a bit alarmed and confused.

I also had some time to briefly meet with some potential models who are willing to pose for my photographs. This is Katja, a complete stranger, who showed me a bit around Kokkola. We went to a skate park opening where I met some of her friends, as well as a tiny dog. Then we went for beers at a nearby cafe: a old house with mis matched furniture and a beautiful view. I hope to come back and become more acquainted with my fellow hipster brethren.

Saturday was my first photoshoot of the residency! Minna wanted to jump right into it, no discussing over coffee necessary! She drove me to a nice park with water, a forrest, and plenty of blueberries to pick. The water was very cold, but when I asked her if she would get in, she responded "Of course! I am from Finland!" Because I shoot in film, I'll have to wait to show everyone the results. Hopefully I can develop soon!

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