Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Agita Marackovska & Andris Marackovskis, Latvia

Hi! We are two artists from Latvia and we will stay in Darke Arts Center in April! We work in sculpture, installation and drawings mostly. Before coming here, we spend 3 month in Serlachius residency, Mänttä, Finland. There we have been working on our project Discipline, the idea was to create huge amount of new ideas for three themes - Nature, Human and City. We also had ceramic workshop there and an exhibition at the end of our stay. Now we are here and our plan is to continue with the same spacious themes, combine all three together and expand ideas for future exhibition.

More about our works:
 1.4.2018. Easter eggs! First day in Kokkola.
 Andris working on some sketch!
 Finnish spring on frozen sea! 1.4.2018.

1.4.2018. "Our" street.

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