Monday, December 31, 2018

Dide Siemmond - Christmas time in Finland

Hello again,

I'm nearing the end of my restful residency in Kokkola. It's been a wonderful and generous experience, so I really am thankful for those who made it possible, such as Stina and Meri :-)

Though we mainly stayed in Kokkola the whole time, we did have a trip to Helsinki and the snow covered sand dunes and splitting ice around Karhi, thanks to Clas-Olav and his wife Tarja. I also went ice hole swimming after sweating it out in the sauna with Clasu and Tarja, which was so invigorating! I would highly recommend, at least once. I met Clasu, after he photographed me when I was interviewed for one of the Finnish newspapers. He's great at what he does! I actually, unexpectantly, got quite a lot of press coverage for a couple of different newspapers when I was here, so thank to Stina, Jessica and Anni for making that happen! It was lovely to see people interested in what I do, and very rewarding :-)

Here are some photos of my festive stay, with some lovely colours!

Take care,

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  1. Dear Dide,

    Wow, did you really take a bath in ice water? I've heard about this activity, so I guess you felt very well afterwards.

    The photos you published of the sky are very beautiful. Beautiful colors. You're good at taking pictures.

    I miss you

    with love