Monday, August 5, 2019

Two weeks in at the Drake Arts Center Residency

This is Justin Serulneck.  I am based out of Los Angeles.  My time in Kokkola has been invigorating and inspirational.  For the last two weeks, I had been working on diagrams while thinking about Martha Rosler's work as well as the nature of diagrammatic artworks.  I produced several digital artworks during the residency using this precious time to focus and concentrate.

The cottage the residency provides is spacious and well equipped with desks and tables and a place to cook.

I've been thinking about the nature of introspection, artistic solitude, and what it means to produce site-specific work as someone from the exterior.

Life seems calmer here than in America and people do not seem rushed.  I've been interested in seeing how people who live here think about their daily life and how they spend their time.

The daylight at midnight has been amazing as the city and buildings remain illuminated by the sky far after sunset.  Kokkola is a wonderful place from which to produce artwork.

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