Friday, September 14, 2018

Kokko in Kokkola - day 12

Did i get lazy?
Is it to warm and cosy just lay in someone`s hands and just let go.

Today I ate soup and candies, drink coffee and almost lost my hat in the wind...
What a day...meeting people in ITE MUSEUM - Contemporary Folk Art Museum.

I just felt so ... how to put this into words ... so home. Like I am almost born here.

But still - looking for my desire.
Lost in the city of Kokkola, lost in my life.

What to do?
Where to go?
It IS an epic question of my life.
Would I ever be able to answer it?

I think none of this questions are the right one!
Maybe I asked myself the wrong questions? (and here it is another question - is it the right one?)


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