Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Goodbye Finland

This month went by so quickly! I can't believe I already have to say goodbye tomorrow. I'm going to miss all the awesome people I've photographed and all the beautiful landscapes I've trudged through.

Here are some photos from my last photoshoot. I photographed a young lady on a teeny tiny island where her mother had a cabin. We had lots of coffee, tiny apples from her yard, and freshly smoked fish.

I also had an opportunity to visit Jari's own personal darkroom! He just finished setting it up, and together we created the first analog photograph!

A journalist even came to write about it! You can see the blurb here:

But a bigger story will be published in Thursdays paper!

And last but not least! I was given a huge spread on another local paper! So exciting!!

Today I'm focused on packing packing and more packing. And buying some gifts to bring home to friends and family. I'm excited to return home to Brooklyn. I'll miss how quiet Kokkola is but I'm ready to jump back into the hectic rush of my city. 

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