Monday, April 16, 2018


     It's been two weeks since we - Agita Marackovska and Andris Maracovskis - are in Drake Arts Residency. It has been nice and refreshing time. Sun is shining almost every day and the snow is stepping back every day more and more, and we are lucky to see how the city is changing. Because of the spring air and sun, we have been walking a lot in the city, it looks dynamic and interesting to us. There is always something new to see and explore.
     In Nordic Art School we have a studio. The school looks very cozy and with creative atmosphere. Especially we like the library with good art books. On Wednesdays there are artist talks and it's a nice way to know more about Nordic art and to get to know new artists. On 25th of April also we are going to tell about our works and experiences in art.

                                         Melting snow in our yard
                                         Some studio time

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