Saturday, July 21, 2018

Some point of views to Kokkola

So far I have been here half of the time I am suppose to reside, and I have been to beach, church concert (clarinet and organ), restaurant Roja and Donave, and had this event in library. Unfortunately only one person find her way there, so it was a cosy discussion, where I told about my books and read out loud my and translated poems. ITE-museum with its´naivistic pieces of art that depict both humans and animals has been so far one of the high points of my visit to Kokkola, in addition to Vohvelikahvila, with its´ delicious waffles. I suppose I could quite easily get used to a little city of Kokkola´s size. This is the kind of environment, where people still greet and meet. Unfortunately it is time to pack my things now. Tomorrow is my train to Tikkurila and back home.

I hope I got some new readers because of articles published here. Remember to buy my books or ask them to library. I will continue with fiction, non-fiction and translated poetry. There are many interesting plans I have! You can read more from my blog (in Finnish):

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