Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tatjana Bladt-Cohen. Fairy tales, ponderings and more snow.

Working alone in a big building like the Nordic Art School is a funny thing. Despite being free to choose where I work, having the space to work on a massive scale if I so wished, I find myself in the busiest room, working on the smallest paper I have. With a big table filled with delightful plants on one side, easels and chairs on the other, I have placed my desk comfortably in the middle, looking out at the snow gently falling from the opaque sky. The silence of the school, the neighbourhood and my walks in the area has been so different from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam, and yet has been very much welcome. This past week I put pen and brush to paper, pulling together stories of my musical great grandmother, tales of Vedenemo (the ‘mother of waters’) and imagery from this beautiful place.

Weekend walk in the brief sunshine


In the Studio

Prep and planning is key...

Getting started!


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