Thursday, September 6, 2018

Kokko in Kokkola - Day 4

Kokko was drinking morning coffee and thinking what is left in his life. 

Is he on the right path? 

He needs to rethink his future plans.
He decided to visit Nordic Art School again and try to find some people to make some action.

Where Kokko is, there is always some action going on ... so he needs to find more people who agree that art is important in Kokkola. 

 He had a great idea to make an Open day at the Nordic Art School, where all the artists in Kokkola can meet and share coffee and ideas together.

He found a coffee book - somebody already started the idea of coffee action: ex student of art school: Kristi. Kokko contributed his art piece and is ready to meet Kristi together with all the believers of art.

If you are an artist in Kokkola, Kokko is ready to meet you.
For all the believers:
For all non believers: there is no contact, but you shall adapt, improvise and act.

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