Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Kokko in Kokkola - Day 9

First part of performative act WAITING FOR COFFEE went great. Kokko is so excited to meet all the people who came to Nordic Art School - here is a proof that ART IS IMPORTANT for people in Kokkola.

We already had first audition for the grand finale, which may happen on 28th of September. We are ready for all the artists to join and make a great artistic evening for Kokkola. FEEL FREE to join and ACT.

Kokko was really happy to have personal photoshooting with Clas-Olav Slotte from KESKIPOHJANMAA

Kokko and his family will continue the fight for art. More important, the space to join is open and free for everyone. If you want to be informed, what is happening, write to kulturna@zraven.si.

MEET ----- TALK ------ ACT


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