Friday, May 17, 2019


Two women, crayon/ aquacolors on paper
Time and memory are central aspects of my work. Memories are a jumble and never completely clear; they are subjective and solitary impressions. Memories travel with us throughout our lives, telling us stories about desire, doom, and prospective.

I was very curious what Finland can offer me on this subject and, in fact, I came across an old ethmythological book right at the beginning.
I found some interesting pictures of people who also gave me an impression of folkloristic clothing.

wooden house, crayon and aquacolors on paper

As so often, I also took a lot of pictures myself and started some small paperworks. I've experimented a lot with watercolors but also used crayons and vinyl paint.

The result is a very light and airy work with which I am quite satisfied.

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