Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Hike and work

a part of the forrest

We are now in our third week at Kokkola. Fortunately, it got warmer and we also used the nice weather to do a little hike.
We have discovered a small lake on the map and have laid a route through a fairytale forest.

Striking for me was the strong spread of ice blue lichen on the forest floor, a slow growing plant that covered a large area.
It looked so beautiful that we stayed here really long until we went to the lake.
It has rained so much the last few days our path was very muddy and our feet were pretty wet at some point.
(Maybe we just started a little bit naive and you should always pay attention on good shoes).

the sea at Kokkola

Finally we reached the lake and a few distance ahead the sea.

Slowly it is a pity that we are not very mobile. Although there is a bike but you can not really drive long distances. And I would like to drive to one of the other cities and the public transport is not very well equipped and very expensive.

A painting of the forest - Crayon and Aquacolor on paper

Nevertheless I found a lot of inspiration and I love the forest. I had a good week at the studio and painted a lot.

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